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Georgia on My Mind: Come Help Jon Ossoff Flip the 6th in June!

Ossoff’s campaign is looking for volunteers willing to travel to Georgia starting the weekend of May 27-28 and continuing through the crucial GOTV period (June 15-20) to help #Flipthe6th. We invite and encourage EW4H members to travel to Georgia to help out on this critical race. Although the most help will be needed for the final GOTV push, June 15 through 20, the campaign will welcome volunteers on weekends starting May 27 & 28. The campaign will provide housing and reimbursement for gas. There may also be bus transportation from various cities for the final GOTV push. We are waiting for further details from the campaign on housing and transportation. And, if you cannot travel, there will be other ways to help, like phone banking or fundraising. Contact us here if you have interest: execwomen4her@gmail.com Ossoff is a strong supporter of womens rights and in his victory speech, credited women for his strong results. Garnering 48.1% of the primary vote, Ossoff now faces a tough run-off race on June 20, 2017 against his Trump-supported opponent, Karen Handel. Handel received only about 20% of the vote in the primary, but is expected to get many votes which went to several other Republicans who lost in the primary. Last month, EW4H members Rita Tendolkar and Alexandra Lowe were a part of a group of out-of-state volunteers who travelled to Georgia’s 6th Congressional district to help Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff clinch a big victory in the April 18th primary.The victory in the primary is an important achievement for Democrats, because Georgia 6th has been held by Republicans (Newt Gingrich, then Tom Price) for almost 40 years.
  1. Here’s a taste of what they experienced: Jon Ossoff came in person to our staging area to meet with and speak to the volunteers.
  2. The local Democrats are fired up and have turned out in record numbers to volunteer for Ossoff (for every one volunteer coming into the state, there are 10 local volunteers).
  3. The campaign took good care of us, providing transportation, food and housing.
  4. The voters in this suburban Atlanta district are, by and large, well-educated, professional and upper/upper-middle class. Many of the homes, situated on lakes and golf courses, are stunningly beautiful and rival the most upscale neighborhoods in the Northeast (though much more affordable, we heard!).
  5. Voters frequently thanked us for coming to their door and told us how grateful they were for our help.
  6. The outpouring of energy and enthusiasm from the local volunteers and from those who travelled from out-of-state was incredibly inspiring. We met people of all ages – ranging from college students to retirees in their late 70’s – who were unstinting in their willingness to do whatever it took to turn this district from red to blue!
Please contact us here with your interest: execwomen4her@gmail.com

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