Executive Women For Her

Thanking Hillary

Our hearts still belong to Hillary – and we sent them to her in a hardbound book. For over two years, our national coalition Executive Women for Hillary, fought her fights by converting doubtful voters to the cause; attending fund-raisers; knocking doors in every primary; holding salons, trainings, and debate watch parties; and then invading every purple state to put her over the top.

And we almost did.

After that shocking election -- once the pain of the emotional body blows began to recede – and after we had reconstituted ourselves as Executive Women for Her – we did the right thing: We planned a thank you to our courageous candidate for making that historic run for the White House. It would consist of our most heartfelt memories of being at her side and on her side, with personal letters and photographs of the joyous and hopeful times we spent together. Memories we will always hold dear and that we wanted Hillary to have as well.

Now that book is in her hands. But it’s right here, as well, for anyone who wants to review the remarkable journey that took us out of our usual carefully plotted lives into a great adventure that belongs to history now.

Download this precious book, which we titled WE’RE STILL WITH HER! As you read and look and remember, please send mental thanks to Theresa Strickland, our talented California member, who designed this beautiful book and brought it to life. It’s our concrete expression of admiration and appreciation to a great woman, from all of us who cared so much.

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